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FLEUR: Flower (French)| DITA: Day (Albanian)

FLEUR DITA began in 2017 when Dale Sandberg left her career as a health economist and civil servant to turn a part-time floristry and gardening hobby into a full-time commitment.


She enters the floristry and events industry with handy transferable experience managing large, complex supply chain and procurement projects. Dale also studied fine art, English literature, psychology, and classics, all of which inform her relationship with the world, work, and clients.


Fleur Alison, Dale's grandmother, was a consummate gardener, painter, and lover of word games and tea in dappled shade. Dale's mother, Alison Dita, is a horticulturist who raised Dale in a whirlwind of industriousness, surrounded by scents of citrus and soil. It is to these two women, whose homes were always filled with flowers and who shaped much of Dale's character, that FLEUR DITA is dedicated.

The FLEUR DITA way celebrates humans and flowers with personalised and caring client encounters.

We are passionate about responsible sourcing, and we support local enterprises and businesses that further the ends of social justice and environmental conservation.

  • We aim to support local, South African flowers farmers wherever possible, and highlight the beauty of South Africa's seasonal and indigenous flora.

  • Our bespoke designs always include responsibly foraged ingredients. This sets us apart from store bought flowers and ensures that no two designs are ever the same.

  • Whenever possible we avoid using floral foam for event décor and prefer arranging without, or using sustainable, reusable armatures. ​​

If you are a local farmer or gardener who would like to list with us for direct sales or foraging, please get in touch. We are always looking for new farms and gardens to explore!

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